Do's & Don'ts of OOH.

Billboard advertising is still one of the most effective ways a business can launch a brand and connect with consumers. Consumers likely see hundreds of billboards each week, but they will only remember a handful of them. Whilst there are no rules for imaginative and creative ideas on billboard design, there are some basic do’s and don’ts which an advertiser should consider to ensure they will be remembered.

Do: Placement.

Placement is key. One of the biggest mistakes made by those new to billboard advertising is improper placement of the billboard site itself. Take time to understand who your target audience is and where they will most likely be. Even a well designed billboard will be rendered usless if placed in front of the wrong audience.

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Don't: Use too many words.

With billboard advertising, LESS is MORE. While the design and structure of the billboard itself should be creative, the message it conveys should be just the opposite. Your audience may only have a brief moment to take in your message, so keep your text as limited as possible. The creative aspects are used to grab the audience’s attention, but once you have it you want to deliver a simple and powerful message. Billboards are extremely effective for mass brand awareness, and keeping the message simple is the best way to do this. 

Do: Create Impact

Do use strong, pure colors. Also use bright colors, contrasting with strong bold type, because your poster will be seen at different times of the day. A headline must be legible at any reasonable distance from close by to at least 120 metres. A letter height of 50cm is recommended. No letters should be less than 30cm in height if we are to communicate a message effectively at a distance.

Find more information on sizing here.

Don't: Use small images

This happens to be a lot more common than you may believe. Small images taken from websites or brochures will look blurry when scaled up to fit a billboard. It is very important that you only use high resolution images only. Whether it is a purchased stock image or provided by a professional photographer. Think about the consumers at all times. Would they respond properly to an ad that cannot be seen properly?


Do: Get Creative

Give consumers a reason to engage with your brand, use humour, wit and intrique. Interact with technology or use real time Omessages. offer free products through ambient advertising and don’t be confined by the boundaries of a frame. Cutout Extensions, etc. can greatly add to your design. 

Find some inspiration from creative campaigns and outdoor media from around the world.


Don't: Finish Early

Don't Finish your campaign before it starts.

Your consumers may be aware of your brand, but they might not be at the point of purchase yet. Many advertisers are guilty of running a short ‘test’ outdoor campaign, which leads to little results and them taking their ads down. Keep in mind that your product might have a specific buying period. What a customer wants today is different from what they want tomorrow.
An OOH advertising campaign will typically take 8 to 12 weeks to communicate its message in order for the audience to take notice.

Click here to view the latest outdoor advertising Calendar and posting dates.

Don't: Forget Your Options

Most advertisers tend to default to ‘only billboards’ in their outdoor advertising efforts, however, this form of tunnel vision can hinder your results and prevent the campaign from reaching its full potential.
From bus wraps, sides backs and interiors, train platforms, bus stops, cafe panels, shopping panels, digital billboards, university advertising, pharmacy and liquer store panels, airport advertising, street posters, wall signs and outdoor digital solutions – all these formats can work together in best encapsulating your campaigns and gaining your audience’s attention.

See a breakdown of all the formats below in our 2024 Outdoor Advertising Mediakit.



2024 Outdoor Advertising Format Types


Do: Contact Us

By clearly defining your target audience, we can work with you to find out which formats will be the most effective. Behavioural data tools will enable us to determine where your audience is and how to best reach them at the right time and place.

Call us on 1300 750 922 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  should you have any questions at all in planning your next outdoor advertising campaign.


Use strong, pure colors. Also use bright, contrasting, colors because your poster will be seen at different times of the day.

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