Airport Advertising

With airline travel remaining extremely consistent throughout the year, passengers are a captive audience as they pass through significant holding areas of the airport, such as ticketing, security, arrivals and baggage claim. With all passengers following directed paths through the terminals, this allows us to effectively target your preferred audience with smartly placed airport advertising. Airport advertising portrays a brand as ‘premium’ and ‘quality’, promoting your brand to business and leisure travellers in airports throughout Australian International Airports, regional precincts and New Zealand.



Available Sydney / Perth
Brisbane / Canberra &

Smaller formats also
available in regional

Minimum 28 day booking

Airport Lightboxes are located in the busiest most prominent positions to reach travelers the minute they arrive at the airport to the moment they depart on their plane, and back again. See below for the listing of Airports with advertising opportunities.



National packs available*
or single market

Minimum – 7 Panels

Shared Advertisers
4 x Advert Rotation

Minimum 1 week

Target high flyers and savvy business people with interactive, eye level campaigns on Digital Billboard space at the Entrances to all of the Airport Qantas lounges.



Medium / High Cost

Landscape / Portrait

Available most Airports

Minimum 28 day booking.

Airport Billboards are strategically placed to capture inbound and outbound travelers.
Highly prominent positions ensuring maximum impact. External Airport billboards are located both on Airport grounds, and major roads feeding traffic into the airport. See below for the listing of Airports with advertising opportunities.



High Cost

High Demand

Shared Advertisers
6 - 7 Advert Rotation

Minimum 1 week booking.

External Digital Billboard - They are high resolution, attention grabbing, interactive and allow for immediate turn-around on creativity and installation.

Digital Interior.


National Packs available

Portrait / Landscape

Static Digital / animation
/ high definition / 3D

Shared Advertisers
4 - 7 Advert Rotation

Minimum 4 weeks

Offering over 1,00 digital faces across Australia and New Zealand, bring your campaign to life with the Airport internal digital network of Portrait and Landscape panels, using static digital, animation, high definition video or 3D graphics.

High dwell time

There’s a lot of downtime waiting for flights, baggage and even arrivals at airports. With Airport advertising you have the opportunity to deliver detailed, copy-rich messages to your potential customers. With these long dwell times, and the incredible advancements in technology consumers can interact directly with your message.

We cover all of the major airports Australia wide, right though to the smallest regional airports like Karratha or Mackay Airport. Please see below for a full listing of Australian Airports where advertising is possible, or search our map here.


Major Australian Airports with advertising options.

VIC Melbourne Airport Travellers  -  25,917,963 - Internal and external Airport Advertising.
NSW Sydney Airport Travellers  -  34,462,117 - Internal and external Airport Advertising.
WA Perth Airport Travellers  -  9,992,983 - Internal and external Airport Advertising.
SA Adelaide Airport Travellers  -  7,015,509 - international and multiuser terminal, arrivals drive.
QLD Brisbane Airport Travellers  -  18,897,115 - Internal and external Airport Advertising.

Minor Australian Airports with Advertising options.

TAS Launceston Airport Travellers  -  1,131,326  
TAS Hobart Airport Travellers  -  1,855,849  
NSW Newcastle Airport Travellers  -  1,198,000  
NSW Canberra Airport Travellers  -  3,242,848  
NSW Ballina Byron Gateway Airport Travellers  -  346,000  
NSW Coffs Harbour Regional Airport Travellers  -  288,000  
NSW Dubbo Airport Travellers  -  176,000  
NSW Port Macquarie Airport Travellers -  209,000  
NSW Wagga Wagga Airport Travellers -  208,866  
QLD Gold Coast Airport Travellers  -  5,768,000  
QLD Sunshine Coast Travellers  -  812,406  
QLD Hervey Bay Airport Travellers   -  150,000  
QLD Townsville Airport Travellers  -  697,000  
QLD Cairns Airport Travellers  -  3,549,828  
QLD Gladstone Airport Travellers  -  495,000  
QLD Mackay Airport Travellers  -  1,103,000  
QLD Mount Isa Airport Travellers  -  269,000  
QLD Rockhampton Airport Travellers  -  228,000  
QLD Whitsunday Coast Airport Travellers  -  1,557,000  
QLD Horn Island Airport    
WA Carnavon Airport    
WA Broome Airport Travellers  -  414,000  
WA Karatha Airport Travellers  -  587,211  
SA Whyalla Airport Travellers  -  62,400  
NT Darwin International Airport Travellers  -  1,569,007  
NT Alice Springs Airport Travellers  -  681,295  
VIC Avalon Airport    
VIC Mildura Airport Travellers  -  800,000  

For more information about advertising in one of the above airports, or if you would like to list your Airport with us please email us at or contact your local Billboards Australia representative on:

1300 750 922

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