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Digital billboard advertising is one of the fast growth advertising sectors, while print, TV and radio media ad revenues are declining. Using digital billboard advertising reduces costs and increases the timeliness of advertising for business. Changes can be almost instantaneous. Adjustments to messages and ad programs can be immediate. Going digital gives you the ability to now, instantly change ads, cycle messages or ads, include videos if you wish and also schedule multiple advertisers on one face. This is a quantum leap in technology that now gives outdoor advertising all of the same capabilities as other electronic media like TV, radio and internet - plus more!

Why Digital Billboards:

Utilizing the newest technology, digital billboards are computer controlled LED displays. Their colors are vibrant and the images are crystal-clear.

Digital billboards are the perfect medium for an advertisers that wants the impact of traditional outdoor and the flexibility of Internet advertising.



NO PRODUCTION COSTS - Because ads are displayed electronically, you have no printing or shipping costs.

FLEXIBILITY - Digital Billboards give you the freedom to update your message weekly, daily, even hourly.

MULTIPLE MESSAGES - Unconstrained by production cost, you can display multiple messages.

DYNAMIC CONTENT - Digital billboards give advertisers the advantage of deliver real-time information in your ads. Such as, weather, stock quotes, interest rates and news headlines.



SHARE OF VOICE - Please note that when purchasing space on a digital billboard, you are sharing the space with other advertisers. Most digital billboards have 8-10 advertising slots, ranging from 8 seconds to 30 seconds each. The amount of slots and slot duration varies according to individual council regulations. When buying space on a digital site, you are buying one slot, you can buy as many you want, subject to availability.

NON COMPETITION - many digital billboard sites can offer exclusivity to industry specific advertisers. Please check with your account manager if this is a requirement for your business.


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