MOVE. Audience Measurement.

MOVE is Australia's first national industry-wide audience measurement system for Out-of-Home (OOH) media. It enables a vastly more accurate measuring system aligning itself with online, TV and Radio. It covers all major outdoor environments including roadside, railway/bus stations, buses/trams, airports and shopping centres. No international system measures audiences to the same depth as MOVE.

The MOVE system contains approximately 60,000 individual advertising faces across the Out-of-Home (OOH) sector.

Every single face within the MOVE system receives an audience measurement result. These single results are then combined to provide total contacts, and reach and frequency results for ‘packages' of faces or for total media campaigns. A package can consist of one face (eg. a supersite) up to several hundred faces.

Every face has a set of unique characteristics which influence the final results. These include exact location (GPS coordinates), size of the face, its orientation and whether or not the face is illuminated. Some of these characteristics are used to collect the total audience (Opportunity To See) while others influence the actual audience (Likelihood To See).

MOVE utilizes a new audience measurement currency to Australian media known as Likelihood To See (LTS). This means that only those people from among the chosen demographic who in all probability saw the OOH advertising campaign are included in the audience measurement results.

LTS is an entirely different concept to Opportunity To See (OTS) which is used by most other media.

OTS includes all people with the potential to come into contact with an advertising message regardless of whether or not they actually see it.

LTS is derived by applying a Visibility Index (VI) to the OTS for OOH advertising faces. VIs are the combined values of a collection of visibility factors such as the size of the face, whether or not it is illuminated, and the speed with which a person is passing that face. Different VIs are applied to drivers and passengers, public transport passengers and pedestrians at each viewing location to produce the final LTS results.

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