OOH Calendar.

The entire OOH Billboard Advertising Industry operate on a Lunar calendar. This ensures consistently in display periods as, there are 13 Lunar months per calendar year. All lunar months (periods) are 28 days (4 weeks). Minimum Bookings for Static Billboards and Transit are 4 weeks. Minimum bookings for Bus Shelter Advertising is 2 weeks. Minimum bookings for Digital Roadside Billboards is 1 week. You may book as many periods as you like. 

28 Days till next Posting:

General large format printing specifications – Please note these are for general guidance only, please refer to specific billboard setup specifications provided upon booking your billboard with the individual site owner.


billboards australiacampaign display periods & posting dates


Billboard posting dates

Transit / Bus Shelter posting dates

Printed creative to be received one week prior to booking start date.
Campaign instructions including approved artwork required three weeks before the booking media start date. 
All media bookings start on Monday.


If you have questions related to these guidelines or require further information please contact the Billboard Team on 1300 750 922 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

 2024 Billboard Calendar

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